Few important things about r4i

Game consoles are becoming more popular in these days. In order to enjoy your game play, there are some components you need to integrate and also using consoles. The r4i cards are one among such components that can turn your console into the beneficial instrument for playing all types of games on your device. These are unique adapter cards that can be widely used for increasing the use different gadgets. In order to enjoy the advanced features, you can slot the cards into a game console during the game play. At present, the r4i cars are mostly used for Nintendo DS Lite consoles as well as for different purposes in the games.

Now, all types of r4 cards are widely available on the internet. Before purchasing, you need to spend some time in order to get the original ones from the right source. It is also very important to know the model of your game console and then buy the perfect card that will compatible to work with it efficiently. However, the developers of this card can design them to work on specific kinds of systems. To be on a safer site, it is advisable to go for a mixing of r4 DS and r4i cards with a good gaming system. Thus, it helps you to select the right choice of card to use.

Moreover, the r4i cards are very important to buy from the trusted online companies. You can make sure to choose the cards that are guaranteed by the card makers. This will greatly helps you to avoid mistakes. Another great advice is to go for well known brands in order to gain benefits from their usage. This r4i card is specifically designed unique cards that allow you to play all types of games on your console. Besides the games, these cards are also used for storing all types of music files and allow you to listen songs after downloading and storing them in your device.

How to setup r4i?

If you are new to this card, here are some useful steps for you to set up r4i card in the right direction that includes:

First of all, you need to collect things like Micro SD card, r4i gold card, Nintendo DS console, Micro SD card adopter and PC, lap or mobile.

Once you have gathered all these things, you have to insert the card in the specific port on your device.

After inserting, restart your PC or mobile and enjoy using it.

Use the r4i SDHC options

The r4i is a latest version of the r4 card that allows the user to get most from their Nintendo game consoles. This card greatly supports a wide range of media types other than games and enables you to play movies, videos, music, photo and also eBooks. The exciting feature of this card is flashcard technology which plays back media while playing games hassle free. Let you start using this card in your device and store the endless amounts of data that you want to keep forever.

Few important things about r4i

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